Are they sick? Are they French? Or are they just sick of the French?

Yesterday, Ian and I watched not one but two movies without interruption while the kids played by themselves for hours and slept through the night.

They played for hours without a peep...or medication, I swear!!

I thought they were sick but maybe they are just French.

In any event, these bebes have birthdays later this month so I am throwing them a joint birthday party.

What’s that? How efficient you say? (shyly) I know.

You want me to share my event planning skills? I’m blushing.

Here ya go —

Five easy steps to throwing an awesome birthday party for your kids:

1. Give birth to each in the same month, preferably only a few days apart. {February 20-something, 2009 and 2011 — check!}

2. Have your husband work in a great open loft space perfect for throwing parties. {Check! And it’s close to home – Bonus points!}

3. Design and order joint party invitations. {Check!}

4. Buy adorable outfits for both children to wear on this special day. {Check!}

5. Show up on the day of the party — looking fantastic — without having hired the entertainment promised by said invitations, prepared food and cupcakes also promised by said invitations, obtained balloons, decorations, drinks, paper products or compiled favor bags. Enjoy!

That’s it! Right? Why do you have that look on your face?

Is she kidding??

You mean I actually have to DO something to make this party come together (other than Shutterfly and shopping?). Je ne comprends pas.

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