What day is it? Tuesday?

It’s Valentines Day!

An array of Valentine's Day-connotated candy d...

While I loathe the holiday (but for the candy of course), I thought I would celebrate the day with two things I love — lists and my husband.

Did you think I was going to say my two kids?  Oh yeah, them too.

Why I adore my Valentine:

1.  He is an above average dancer.

2.  The “Jagger” incident (and all those before and after).

3.  For our very first Valentines Day he bought me a dress.  No candy, no jewelry — a dress.  And not a Pretty Woman dress, something I could wear and love and it was even the right size.  How thoughtful is that?

4.  We travel the world together.

5.  My daughter’s blue eyes.

 But the most important reason I love Ian (drumroll please!)

 He chose me and I chose him.  It’s as simple, difficult, rewarding and challenging as that.

that day, this day and every day...

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