It’s my birthday!! and all I got was this lousy post

It’s Friday!  It’s 76 degrees in March!  It’s my birthday!   What more could I ask for?  A lot.  That’s right, I had a list.

A hearty happy birthday from my offspring

maybe after he finishes watching Dora??


a great pair of colored denim that I might actually wear more than once

a really great color green

A great read

Thoughtful present from the hubby

Snacks of course!

Mama Always Has Snacks

Get your grubby fingers off my cupcakes boy!

And the best surprise/awesome gift maybe ever (behold it’s complicated beauty)

From my amazing MIL who not only reads my blog, but listens to what I say!!!

I am a blessed woman and the day has barely begun!  Off to the festivities (more on our adventure day later!)

8 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!! and all I got was this lousy post

  1. Enjoy lady! That looks like one awesome birthday. And I want that book now. And that brush. And cake. Mostly cake. (I just had to stop Will from eating a candle last week off of my uncle’s b-day cake. Again. He tried that when he licked the frosting off of his second birthday cake, but I think he came by that love naturally).

    Have fun!!

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a great one for you. My son could have cared less on my b-day as well, until he saw the cake – lol! Hope you got some good, relaxing alone time or have some planned this weekend. I just looked up Aries, that’s a powerful sign! “Bold, aggressive and courageous. They can summon up the inner strength required to take on most anyone, and they’ll probably win.” Happy Birthday to you :)

  3. I think Drew was celebrating your birthday this weekend too! We had a great night out, much more that I ever get on MY birthday! Glad you had a great day! And I can say whatever I want bc he’s not like to read this! :)

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