A Day in the Life

It was a rainy Sunday so we decided to pack some snacks and head to the Upper West Side to get out of the GD house for some culture.

Here we go

We were totally original in this idea and congratulated ourselves the whole way up there. Until we saw the lobby.

There are four lines but every single person here is on one of them.

Thankfully the line moved quickly and we started off strong.

The animal exhibits were a huge hit.

"Stay cool guys, but I think there's a polar bear headed my way."

We were having so much fun, even the science exhibits were fascinating.

C's reading to us about mitochondria

Gavin’s favorite part of the day:  the craft table

Look ma, I made a jellyfish out of plastic which is extremely harmful to the actual ocean

Chloe’s favorite part of the day was no surprise:

Mama always has snacks

Mom and Dad’s favorite part:  all that excitement = early bedtimes.


10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Oh I love seeing more of your family!!! Darling wee ones. I hate that the weekends are so crowded at events for kids, but good for you for sticking it out. I love a little boy who loves to craft. And early bedtimes are the GREATEST THINGS EVER. I thought of you this weekend when I had “one of those days,” but was too morose to blog it out.

  2. Aww that brings back memories,I went to NY with my bf years ago and it holds a special place in my heart Equal to London.I have very fond memories not least to mention how we always laugh that every day we walked MILES and then towards the end of our stay realised theres subways on every other street! :S ..you have to laugh I def want to return x

  3. Oh my gosh, just the picture of all those people in line freaked me out! Good for you to making the rainy day trip out, looks like fun and I love how you documented the day in pictures :) Last night, my son fell asleep at 7pm and we were almost jumping up and down, we were so happy – haha! There is nothing better than early bed times. Hope the rest of your weekend was awesome!

  4. I’m still laughing at the GD cross out. And the plastic jellyfish. And ugh. Lines. With kids. Is there anything worse than knowing you have the next 30 minutes to try and keep your children contained and entertained? I get sweaty palms just thinking about it. This was my favorite post yet (and man, after the foot and mouth terror, I needed the laugh). Keep it up lady.

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