Lost in Paradise

Hello there!  Oh how I’ve missed you my blogging friends!  I can say that with 100% sincerity, even though this was my view while I was gone.

The view from our free super-duper upgrade room - huge perk of the mid-week vacay

That’s right, Ian and I spent three nights in Puerto Rico — our first vacation alone since we had kids.  It was nothing short of amazing.  We slept soundly (though I couldn’t stay in bed more than 7 hours, wth?!?), we took naps on the beach and I enjoyed more reading, writing and yoga than I could have ever imagined.

There was also a lot of this:

Behold the ice cold bucket of beer

which quickly turned into this:

Empty discarded cans littered our beach chairs. Yes, that's Ian in the background passed out


Yes, I'm having another beer. Judge away.

It was a much needed escape for both of us and was an amazing experience for Ian and I to reconnect as a couple — more than just our stolen moments here and there.

We were our old silly and goofy and carefree selves

We had absolutely no internet access and it was remarkably easy to ditch the smartphones.   Neither of us had any social media withdrawal, but I did suffer from serious baby withdrawal.  In the end it was one day too long for me, I missed the kiddos more than I could have imagined.

Thankfully my parents kept us updated -- nothing changed while we were gone.

My arms, my ears and my heart longed for my babies

I’m thrilled to be home and spending quality time with the kids today.  I just have one question…

When is nap time again??

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16 thoughts on “Lost in Paradise

  1. Hey – I was wondering what happened to you! Sigh…I am very, very, very (just keep adding the word “very” here about a dozen times) jealous – haha! It’s so awesome you and your husband got to get a way for a few days. I know it was probably hard to leave the kids but wow, I can’t even imagine how wonderful it must have been in other ways. Good to see you back, hope your adjustment back to the day to day is going ok!

  2. Sounds like an amazing time! I fall into the trap of thinking a getaway has to be long to be worthwhile, but it sounds like yours was short, sweet and perfect.

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