Music makes the people come together…unless it’s kiddie music.

I was raised on Blondie, Elvis Costello, Cat Stevens and Laura Nyro.  My parents have an audio recording of me declaring “I have to poopy” in the middle of my brilliant 2-year-old Patti Smith cover.  I idolized Joan Jett long before Kristen Stewart was born.

There were no kiddie songs in my house growing up.  And GD it, that crap wasn’t going to play under my roof either.  My kids have no idea who the Wiggles are.  The Fresh Beat Band?  As relevant in my house as calculus.  Yo Gabba Gabba?  We say HELL NO Gabba Gabba.

Now, if you are thinking we don’t enjoy a good dance party in our house, you would be sorely mistaken.  The four of us “rock out” every weekend morning over pancakes.  Even without daddy, most nights feature more pitchy notes and flailing limbs than a bachelorette party at karaoke.  We love popular music.

So what’s on our playlist?

1.  CRJ, of course.  Call Me Maybe?  On heavy rotation.  We even use the Harvard Baseball dance moves.

2.  “Paris” by Jay-Z and Kayne West.  Sure, Jay and the future Mr. Kardashian 3.0 played it ELEVEN times at their last concert, but we’ve got them beat most nights.  Thankfully the only words Gavin can repeat clearly are “what’d she order?  Fish filet.”

3.  “Everything at Once” by Lenka.  One day I will have to get video of my 15-month-old singing all the “ahhhhhhhh” parts.  It might* be the cutest thing ever.

(*not yet confirmed by independent sources).

4.  “Brokenhearted” by Karmin.  Alison Brie’s face, Gwen Stefani’s style and Katy Perry’s voice wrapped into one makes this chick a winner in our house.

5.  “Give Me All Your Luvin” by Madonna, MIA and Nikki Minaj.  I’m pretty sure this is only popular in our house because it totally sounds like Tilly and the Wall on Sesame Street.

Other favorites include Gotye, Fun and everything by Bruno Mars.  I didn’t say we had great taste, but we sure do have fun.

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17 thoughts on “Music makes the people come together…unless it’s kiddie music.

  1. What I am confused about is how somehow the two idiots (I mean kids) have decided that Daddy’s music stinks…

    I tried last week to get them to listen to The White Stripes and “Gavin” said “Daddy, stop it…that just sounds like noise!”….

    Meanwhile, he want’s to listen to Train’s “Drive by” 10 times in a row…

    This battle’s not over…I will NOT have kids that are Train fans…this is not negotiable.

  2. I love the video of you and the kids dancing to the music – especially when your daughter starts with the shoulder dancing – lol! Oh, how I hate the Fresh Beat Band, I don’t even know where to begin with them! Good for you with introducing your family to a broad spectrum of more than just kids music! We are doing the same thing here, I even made a cd we take in the car with my son’s music. It’s everything from English Beat (80’s band) to The Beastie Boys and Silversun Pickups. I can’t stop listening to that Gotye song either. Yay for music and dancing :)
    p.s. – I have to agree with your husband: White Stripes = good, Train = Uh oh…Haha!

    • Thank you for noticing the shoulder dancing!! That’s totally her signature move and it cracks us up! This wasn’t the best video but I wanted a snippet of something.

      Love Silversun Pickups! Good for you – sounds like an awesome mix.

      Oh, even I agree with both of you. I love the White Stripes and think Train is painful (except maybe Meet Virginia) — we do what we can to find things that all of us enjoy, but sometimes our son is just the boss. What he says goes…

  3. Love it!! I don’t play kiddo music either. We rock out ot Zepplin, Dean Martin, Michael Buble, Zac Brown, and even AWOL Nation. We like variety. The boys are loving “Somebody that I used to Know” by Walk of the Earth lately. They like to practice “their moves”

    • The Walk off the Earth version was actually how I found Gotye months back. I hope to expand their preferences past the fodder on Vh1′s Top Twenty Countdown. Thankfully they also listen to a lot of tunes from my childhood too. I’m always looking for good songs to add to the mix so let me know what becomes their next obsession.

  4. Oh my gosh this had me dying laughing! I’m with you all the way! Last night, the boys asked for music, they got Bob Dylan. If they hate it, they’ll show me when they’re 13 and have headphones in. 😉

  5. Chloe’s shoulder moves are perfect! They should carry her through friend dancing and family weddings! Families should have dance nights!

  6. Thanks for this- after a bad night, C. and I were both cranky this morning. So, inspired by this post, I cranked up Light My Fire and we had a little dance party. We both felt much better afterwards :)

  7. Well thanks alot for raising the bar :( we are inundated with The Fresh Beat Band here…I’ve become the mother I always hated!! I needed a good reminder to bring back the “real” stuff! :)

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