How (not) to behave when out with friends

Gavin and I had a full social calendar this week, but it didn’t turn out well for either one of us.  Let’s review:

1.  Gavin

The scene:  3-year-old birthday party.

The main character: my generally junk food deprived 3-year-old child hopped up on juice, birthday cake and Laffy Taffy (thanks for heads up that those were in the gift bag, host mom!).

Drug of choice

The problem:  party begins at 5pm, non-napping child bedtime is 7:30pm.

The result:  crash by 8pm.  Body, unable to adjust to the blood sugar drop, wakes up at 4:45am.

Most embarrassing moment: singing “This is crazy, but here’s my number (holds up two fingers), so call me poopy.” (get it?  #2?)

Photo that says it all:

I’m pretty sure this is exactly what he was seeing

2.  Me

The scene:  a spontaneous reunion dinner of sorts with two college roommates who live far away (Los Angeles and New Jersey – both beyond my daily travel capabilities).

The main character: my generally alcohol deprived self with a new found adoration for Prosecco.

Drug of choice

The problem:  dinner begins at 7pm, non-napping mom bedtime is 9:30.

The result:  crash by 10pm.  Body, unable to adjust to the blood sugar drop, wakes up at 5:15am.

Most embarrassing moment:  drunk tweeting Outlaw Mama demanding to know her astrological sign.

Photo that says it all:

Someone help us.

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13 thoughts on “How (not) to behave when out with friends

  1. Omg. Hilarious!!!!! Wish I had tried Prosecco before I quit drinking cause it sounds raucous. And thank you for saying you go to bed at 9:30…. That’s a late night for me. Can you please tell me what your son snacks on…. I have no idea how to snack w/o junk food. (healthy man: fail!!!). Anyhow, I adore Laffy Taffy but as a party favor? Were they all out of rifles? Seriously. Wtf. Go to bed!

  2. LOL – this made me laugh so much! I think I would have been the same with a night out, one or two drinks and I’d be under the table. I also admit, I was thinking “7pm, oh that’s too late of a start, I’d be so tired” – haha! Not the party animal I used to be at all. I hope you had fun though. I love that picture of your son at the party, he is getting down! Those were some early morning wake ups but at least you both had fun.

  3. Thank you for the early morning laugh – just what I needed! My kids have been waking up in middle of night the past several nights and I attributed it to an evil plot to keep me from getting sleep or a full moon. Who knew the answer was as simple as all the crap they’ve been ingesting? Thanks for the heads up!

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