Wordless Wednesday (the celebrity edition)

Yes, that’s me and Ed Burns

Once I am done being star struck, I hope to be able to write the bizarre chain of events that led me from a bookstore, to a trip down memory lane, to an exclusive rooftop party, to a glimmer of my wildest career dreams, to THIS…

(note: he’s the nicest guy too!!)

(note2: this was a group picture and I have cropped my friends out who did not want to be featured on my blog.  It’s not a prom picture!  Didn’t I already tell you he was nice and town to earth?!?!?  Not to mention married to the phenomenal Ms. Turlington).

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (the celebrity edition)

    • The majority of my story would be how freaking great he was – engaged everyone who approached him in conversation, firmly but respectfully denied all invitations to flirt (from the 20-somethings there) and was genuine, nice and down-to-earth. So impressed.

  1. Um. I love Ed Burns. Did you happen to have time while meeting with him to let him know that? Did you happen to hear his accent and accidentally drool on his shoes like I would be apt to do? Can’t wait to hear this story!

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