Letting Martha Stewart, Katie Couric and RuPaul guide me.

The truth will set you free, but first it will kick your ass.  – Author Unknown

The Monday after BlogHer’12, you can consider my ass kicked.  I was faced with many truths this weekend and they kinda rocked my world.

The highlight of the conference was in the Keynote Speakers, Martha Stewart and Katie Couric.  They spoke truthfully and without apology about the lives they lead.

Photo courtesy of marthastewart.com

Martha Stewart personifies the motto of my Jesuit university – Ever to Excel.  Martha never defined herself by what she did, from fashion model to mother to caterer to crafter to empress regnant, instead it was how she performed the task at hand that marked her success.  She is driven to be the best in anything that ignites her passion, willing to push her limits to the edge and beyond, tenacious enough to value the tangible finished product.  She isn’t any thing, she is simply excellent.  Her best quote came when she was asked if there was something she was terrible at doing.  Her answer, simple and honest, still echos in my head, “anything I haven’t tried.”

photo courtesy of katiecouric.com

Katie Couric is your smart, funny, meaningful friend.  Her bubbly “can do” spirit is infectious.  She spoke about wanting to present a forum for “smart talk”, broaching subject matter like parenting styles or long-term intimacy.  Even shows featuring ‘hair’ or ‘diet’ I expect to be tackled in a way that reveals deeper themes of self-esteem and media influence.  She encouraged women to stop participating in the ‘mommy wars’ and not allow the media or society to marginalize us as we age.  ‘Own the influence you possess’ was the message I took away from her interview.

Does this look like someone who wants to edit contracts all day?

These truths forced me to face others: that I don’t love the law, that I wilt while sitting at a desk, that I am most inspired in the early morning and the middle of the night, not between the structured hours of 9-6.  This essentially means that a lot of what I have been doing with my life has been suffocating me.  I don’t regret my legal training – it was intellectually stimulating, taught me the value of hard work and discipline, and opened many doors I have enjoyed bursting through.  However, I draw no strength from my traditional legal jobs.  Those days have left me feeling burned out and sucked dry.  So now I’m telling myself what I used to tell my yoga students in every class.

Let go of that which no longer serves you.

I need to let go of the traditional, the structure that keeps me safe, but also holds me back.  I re-enter my life after BlogHer’12, jobless for the first time in over a year.  I am once again free to make whatever I want to of this day, of this life.

I am unleashed.  I am also overwhelmed.

I am full of new ideas.  I am also scared of failing.

I am full of inspiration.  I am also scared of not being good enough.

And suddenly RuPaul is in my head.

“You better work”, is what I’ve got to do now.

18 thoughts on “Letting Martha Stewart, Katie Couric and RuPaul guide me.

  1. Now I think the timing of letting go of your job is PERFECT. You leave the job, you head to conference, and now you can face the blank page as it were with all the ideas from the conference. Job? What job?

    Anyway, while I am still smarting from not being your highlight– I am pretty sick of being upstaged by Martha and Katie– I agree with every word here. Except I didn’t know RuPaul said such sagacious things. Should I download his/her stuff?

    Love the yoga mantra…Oh shit. I forgot to go to yoga today. Damn.

  2. You are all kinds of awesomeness, lady. I have no doubt you’ll rock your upcoming adventures. Sounds like BlogHer was a gift of timing – perfect to kick off your new gigs.

    I could use more Martha Stewart conviction and confidence. Did you rub up against her for luck?

  3. Wow Carinn, I love your take aways from the conference, esp. from Katie Couric. It is scary for sure, letting go of the old and stepping on to a new path in life. That’s one of my favorites though – let go of what no longer serves you. (I want to take your yoga class!) Scary, exciting and awesome all at once!

    • You were certainly on my list of missed opportunities! I am terribly embarrassed to say I saw you from afar a few times but was too intimidated to approach the group to start a conversation. I then bordered on stalking as I watched you waiting for the chance to say hello. *sigh*

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