Speed Crazy

Gavin’s whims come and go with each sunset.  Last week he wanted strawberries for every meal.  This week he’s appalled if I even suggest them for a snack.  Yesterday, his orange Crocs were the only shoes his feet would accept.  Today, he whipped them across the room when I set them out for him.

So when we moved to our new apartment and he took an interest in The Speed Channel, one of our new cable stations, I thought nothing of it.

That was two months ago.

His obsession with this network has not only stuck, but intensified.  We watch Nascar, Indy Car, stock cars, funny cars, and Monster Jam.  Did you know the Speed Channel has a game show?  It’s called Pass Time.  I’VE SEEN EVERY EPISODE EVER FILMED.

Can someone save me?  I’m this close to giving myself the “Miley” ‘do using mild insanity with a dash of rage rather than scissors.

Lesson learned:  don’t write a post about how much I love being home on a Tuesday.  Thursday is a whole different scene.

She doesn’t even watch TV, she’s just mocking me.

Do your kids have obsessions that make you insane?  How do you cope?  And when will it stop??

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9 thoughts on “Speed Crazy

  1. LOL – I can totally relate! Some of the obsessions drive me insane and I have to remind myself they won’t last. Kids seem to really love latching on to something and then watching it over and over, it never gets old to them and I think that’s the part that can scare us parents the most. They want it so much, it seems like it’ll never go away. This is part of why I hate The Fresh Beat Band so much and so deeply – haha!…..The Speed Channel would be a really hard one for me as well. Nascar and all that stuff seems to incredibly dull. I hope for something else to come along soon and grab his interest. This SAHM thing really is an ever changing, mixed bag for me, I’m glad I’m not alone :)

  2. So funny! I’m planning to write a post about my 4 year olds obsessions! I’ve never even heard of The Speed Channel – sounds intoxicating. I hear you on the Crocs – Rhys wore summer dresses all winter and Crocs only all summer. And yes, it drives me nuts cause she can’t walk very well in them. She finally switched to sandals last week – at this rate, I won’t have to buy her snow boots. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. Yes. Sadie’s obsessed with gum. Totally my fault but it’s insane. She wakes up at 5 am asking for it. Simon is obsessed with balloons. I can’t go anywhere without him freaking out about them.

    • My son has gone through many of those obsessions – needing a certain car, a certain color but so far nothing for C. I can’t wait to add on to the nuttiness! Balloons sound pretty unmanageable. Good luck – hope it passes quickly!

  4. Note to Self: Never, ever get speed channel.
    My kid is obsessed with cars. He spends hours lining up his fleet, taking inventory. “I have to finish the cars!” he protests, roughly 7,458 times a day when asked to go outdoors, get dressed, eat something, etc. I’ve just learned to deal. He will flip out when torn away from the cars, but the meltdowns are (usually) short lived and once he’s onto something else, he is fine.

    You could always get rid of Speed and say they cancelled the show if it’s making you crazy.

    • Yes – my kids are exactly that obsessed with toy/Matchbox cars. I feel your pain, but trust me it would become unbearable if you had the Speed Channel. With our new cable provider it’s a basic channel so I don’t think we can get rid of it. I’ve tried to tell him “it’s not on right now” but he knows how to use the remote and he knows it’s channel 774. It’s excruciating.

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