Did you guys know Toronto is in another country?*

Just an hour flight from NYC and you can wind up in Canada.  How amazing is that?

Ian was in Toronto for the film festival (TIFF) last week and I was in a funk.  There have been lots of changes in our household and for the first time in my life my anxiety left me completely numb.  So Ian came to the rescue: a last minute cheap flight for me to join him.  It was the perfect fix.

Or at least it seemed to be.

Until I forgot that Toronto was a foreign country* and my phone didn’t have an international plan.  After a few painful conversations with Verizon, I gave up on trying to fix it.  I opted instead, to go without a phone.  It didn’t seem so bad until I realized everything that went with my smartphone; email, text, WordPress, Facebook, Google, pretty much everything I need to live short of oxygen.

Lecture me all day about the beauty and simplicity of being able to “unplug” but I’ll tell you complete withdrawal for 3 days was not the recipe for happiness; all it did was increase my feeling of isolation and pushed me farther into a funk.

So I did something crazy.  You know how they say idle hands are the devil’s workshop?  Well, he was feeling arts and crafty with a bottle of Manic Panic hair dye on this day.

My new hue – purple haze

What do you think?  Am I having a mid-life crisis?  Or just a normal FU reaction to leaving the corporate world?

* I didn’t actually forget Canada was another country, I did in fact bring my US Passport.  It just sounds funnier this way.

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14 thoughts on “Did you guys know Toronto is in another country?*

  1. YES YES YES. I knew the devil had some artsy craftsy in him. The purple is amazing. I can’t show this to Sadie though, because she will beg me to do it to her. So, you did this in Toronto? Those crazy Canadians. I am in a funk too, for similar reasons. I kept saying I feel homesick for my old life…the one I had last week. God, I could cry writing this post. I crave new experiences and then I get them and want the old ones back. I am more weepy than paralyzed, but it’s not fun.

    And you are way too young for a midlife crisis.

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