Amy Poehler: You Are Funny Sexy Cool

I aspire to be funny.  Occasionally I hit my mark.  Lately I’ve been too high on my soapbox to find the humor.  But my love for hysterical women never wanes.

My current girl crush is Amy Poehler.  In recent years she’s taken a back seat to my love for Tina Fey.  But I’m here to admit I was blind, dear Amy.  I first noticed you, along side my love Tina Fey, in the movie Baby Mama.  It felt like Good Will Hunting all over again.  I was blinded by the obvious and fell for the lead.  Like Ben, however, you are proving to be the shining star in my life.

I was blown away when I found your kick-ass website, Smart Girls at the Party, encouraging young women to “change the world by being yourself.”  I love seeing pictures of you and your two adorable little boys.  You made me laugh on Ellen.

Last night you were nominated for two Emmy awards, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for “Parks and Recreation,” demonstrating the depth of your wit and intelligence before you even arrived.  And then you showed up on the red carpet looking smoking HOT.  Nice work Amy.  What’s not to love?

I have to admit that part of my love for you is my compulsion to pick sides.  If a Team Arnett exists as a result of your split, putting an end to nine years of marriage, I shall be throwing eggs at them while wearing my Team Poehler t-shirt.  What nerve does he have getting so many spray tans?  And sporting a six-pack?  That’s where I draw the line.  I am in a full-fledged fight with your ex-husband.  I don’t care if you say the split is “amicable.”  You take the high road.  I’ll do your dirty work.  That’s just what people in love do.


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8 thoughts on “Amy Poehler: You Are Funny Sexy Cool

  1. You’re so freaking relevant. How do you do that? I just learned about her separation from what’s his name. I never liked him– his voice is weird. Anyway, I am totally team Amy. And you are funny. Yes, but you are something more and better– smart, compassionate and ballsy.

  2. This is a great post Carinn, you are too funny but I feel the same way. Tina Fey has faded for me while Amy Poehler keep shining brighter. I LOVE Parks and Rec, that is my Thursday show. I have to admit, I also really love Up All Night that her ex-husband is on….I can’t pick sides yet, I can’t do it!!! I do love smart, funny, lovely women and Amy Peohler is at the top of my list too :)

    • oops, wait. I still love Up All Night. But I spend the entire 30 minutes bashing him. And of course I just love Maya Ruldolph and Christina Applegate. Please Anna, pick the right side!! Nothing has to change in your Thursday night viewing habits 😉

  3. Ha, I wanted to do an entry about feeling like I was cheating on Amy for watching Up All Night (which I watch for Applegate and Rudolph too). Team Poehler all the way! Never heard of her site so I will check it out after crushing on yours.

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