The ‘Pre-Baby Body’ Does Not Exist, Let’s Just Be Honest (And A Little Gross)

You know how real I like to be, right?  Well, I’m going there again my friends.  The post-baby body.  If you didn’t get enough from my boobs and period post, I am breaking down my own post-baby body from chest to hoo-ha on Mommyish.


Can we finally put the “pre-baby body” where it belongs? In the land of urban legend along with Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and fat-free potato chips. It doesn’t exist. I fit back into my pre-baby jeans a few weeks after giving birth, but three years later I am still wondering where the hell my own pre-baby body went.

Before pregnancy, my body was pretty much unchanged since puberty.  One year I carried around an extra 30 pounds of beer and pizza weight during my senior year of college, but that is a small blip on the life of this body.  If someone saved out my outdated 90s duds from high school I would surely be able to rock them.  I’d look hideous in my high-waist intentionally-marbled acid-wash jeans (à la the original 90210), but they’d fit.

The past three years my body has seen more change than in my entire life.  It swelled in pregnancy, I gave birth, I nursed.  Then I did it all over again, right away.  I’m not holding my physique to some impossible or industry-set standard. I’m holding it to the one I’m used to.  My “pre-baby body.”  And I am having a hard time coming to grips with what’s left.

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2 thoughts on “The ‘Pre-Baby Body’ Does Not Exist, Let’s Just Be Honest (And A Little Gross)

  1. OOooh girl, this is good. I love it when you hook me up with your Mommyish genius. You know what I love so far about this? That you admit you fit into your pre-preg jeans in “a few weeks.” Thank you for just being honest about that. Don’t you think it seems like it’s hard to be on the “good” side of something hard: like fertility or baby weight or sex or money. It feels like I have to hide where I Have success because it will alienate people or draw fire. I am sick of doing that. I am glad you aren’t either. It’s called being real and you set the bar high. God bless you for that.

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