Does This Look Like Mom Hair?

I can remember being in the fifth grade and begging my mother to let me chop my hair off.  My unmanageable curls fell to the middle of my back, the longest my natural hair would ever grow.  I wanted something chin length but the idea horrified my mother.  We settled on “shoulder length” which worked well for me when the hairdresser didn’t account for the extra three inches my hair would come up after it dried and curled.

Since that haircut I became obsessed with cutting my hair.  Like one of the opening scenes of 500 Days of Summer, I prided myself on having no attachment to my locks.  So cavalier in a stylist’s seat, I could cut it off without so much as a single butterfly in my stomach.  It was that much more satisfying if I waited until it grew long and then I could make a splash at school the next day with 6-8 inches gone.

Long, short and then the grow-out phase in between: it was a cycle that I kept religiously for the next twenty years.

The sexy bob

The sporty bob (check out that pre-baby hardcore yoga body)

Shoulder length grow-out phase

Bangs: my weakness

In its naturally curly glory

Living in LA too long (extensions)

Until I had kids.

Post kids standard haircut (give or take a little purple) – 4 years and counting

My attachment to my hair started when I was pregnant with my son.  The hormones of my male child gave me the most amazing hair possible.  It was thick, soft and always shiny.  Pantene hair with a baby bump.  Even though this super-hair fell out by the handful soon after I delivered, I never had the desire to cut it.  The long hair lent itself to ponytails, far from the spit-up and grabby hands of an infant.  My hair didn’t get the same surge when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I still never cut it.  That was over four years ago.  I’ve had a few dead-end trims, but nothing dramatic.  Is it a sign that I’ve gotten over my need to make a statement with my hair?  Or that I’ve settled into a middle age mindset – gotta keep my hair long until I have to get a practical short cut?  Am I suddenly attached to my hair in the way I think I won’t be pretty without it long?  Or am I just so lazy I couldn’t imagine a haircut that wouldn’t let me just stick it back in a rubberband?

What do you think?  Should I go for the over-the-top chop or is my new attitude a positive sign of maturity?

33 thoughts on “Does This Look Like Mom Hair?

  1. It is just so unfair. Not only do you look gorgeous with short and long locks, I can’t tell any difference between pre and post baby body!

    Whatever you do, take a while to think about it and decide what you really want. My mantra is “It’s only hair, it’ll grow back.” Which is why mine is currently so red as to be almost purple. I kind of wish I hadn’t done that. Sigh…

    • You got me. I could live with any length hair but the color is what I get really sick of. I loved my purple hair but since it was a vegetable dye it gets lighter with every wash and now it is this weird red color.

      As for your mantra – I shared it for many years!!

  2. Sorry, Your Michelle Obama arms only smaller distracted me too much. Here’s the thing: you’re gorgeous and so’s your hair so you literally can do whatever you want. I vote for bangs bc I am selfish and don’t want to be alone.

  3. I’ve gone back and forth a few times myself, growing it out just to chop it back off. The one thing I can say in my defense is that I had short hair long before I had kids. I’ve basically always gone back to it because I have really thick hair, so it’s much easier short. Also, I secretly think I have the perfect cheekbones for short hair, so it’s both about being practical and being vain.

    From what you wrote, I suspect long hair is a perfect mix of vain and practical for you… So, go with it!

  4. You look fabulous with both long and short hair (whereas I could never bring myself to cut my hair shorter than shoulder length these days.) I say keep rocking the cycle and changing it up, since you can!

  5. Agree with the masses that a) your arms are amazing. Can I borrow them please. And b) you can pull off all lengths. Lucky. However because you look so cute with those short bobs, I vote go with a mega cut. You can do something fun and youthful. Full disclosure – I say this because my hair is too thick and poofy to do it so I’m jealous and wish I could. :)

  6. I say do what makes you happy. I had the short bob for years because I couldn’t power through the grow out. You saw my hair at the longest it was in a decade and now it’s longer than that. I want to grow mine out and it’s taking I think you look great no matter what so whatever you pick I’m sure will be beautiful.

  7. You look great with short hair! All my pregnancy locks fell out after both baby boys were 4 months. I love long hair because you can do more with it. You’re lucky because you can do either.

  8. I love all these pictures – so cute! I’ve gone back and forth with my hair as well, I grow it out, then get bored and restless and cut it it to the bob, then miss long hair and grow it back out – lol! My rule for a few years has been it has to be long enough for a pony tail. So what does it all mean? I’m not sure but I say go with whatever you’re more comfortable with. You look fantastic with long or short hair!

  9. I am currently not speaking to my hair. It’s never been thick…EXCEPT when I am pregnant and that’s when I let it grow so that it cascades down my back like I’m a wanna-be Rapunzel. Unfortunately, it hasn’t bounced back from the excessive shedding phase post-baby #4 and it’s just depressing. I keep it longer than shoulder length so that I can pull it up and give the false impression that it has more thickness than it does when it’s hanging limply. A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of my 20-year-old self in a short, sexy bob and ALL of my friends announced that I absolutely HAD TO return to that cut. Ummmm, are they trying to tell me something about my mommy-tail???? Also, I can’t return to that cut because I feel like I have HALF the amount of hair I had back then. Sigh. I’m accepting suggestions.

  10. Haha, man you do have great arms.

    I cut all my hair off a few months ago. So I’m biased. I’ve loved the ease of it and being of a more petite frame, I think it’s flattering. I think the short cute also frames your face quite attractively. Plus there is something spunky about it. And it’s a little bit like… Ha! I don’t even have that much hair and I’m still hot.

    Either way, you win. Prettiness affords that luxury.

  11. I once strode the world as one of the fearless hair cutters but the stage I’m now at is not ‘do I look like a mum (mom)?’ but ‘do I look like my mother?’
    A serious phase in the lives of many searching for the nirvana of a good haircut…that scarey moment when your mad, unkempt hair is cropped and your mother suddenly looks straight back at you from the hairdresser’s mirror.

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