How To Con The Babysitter

Yesterday Gavin told me this story:

G: Mommy, Dee [the poor unknowing babysitter who comes 2 hours/week] gave us Fruit Snacks in the morning.

Me: Um, you aren’t allowed to have those until after dinner.

G: I know that, but Dee doesn’t know the rules. I told her we could have them now and she gave them to us.

Me: Well you know better.  So did you eat them?

Disclaimer:  I knew he ate them, I’m not delusional.  But in asking the question I hoped to evoke a modicum of guilt.  Nope.  He didn’t even dignify my ridiculous question with a verbal response, only a look that told me everything I need to know about his teen years.  It’s not gonna be pretty for me.

What I do think is pretty is my new haircut!  Eight inches off — I was actually nervous for the first time in my life.  Despite being a little unsure about how good it actually looks, I am overwhelmingly happy that I did it.  There is something incredibly freeing about chopping off your hair.

Eight inches off! Truly empowering.

Sorry C, the 3yo boy now has the longest hair in the family (and yes, we still love Elmo – don’t hate)

A little tip from the expert:  it’s great to go short in the winter when you can cover the gap in turtleneck sweaters!

Everyone at Gavin’s school loved it but I am a little worried about what these relative strangers might be thinking about my mental health.  Since September they’ve seen me with long hair, purple hair, and now a chin length bob.  Oh well, they smile at me a lot – that’s positive, right?

12 thoughts on “How To Con The Babysitter

  1. Totally love the chic new bob! It’s perfect and the neckline is good for turtle neck season. And my therapist informed me yesterday that 3yo cannot be manipulative, they are merely mimicking their parents. So basically he was telling me that I am manipulative. Asshole. Great hair and we love Elmo too.

  2. Ha! That’s not just for the babysitter according to my little one. Anytime he gets my husband alone, he’ll try stuff like this as well – lol! Your new hair cut is beautiful on you, you are so right about the sweaters as well – good thinking!

    • Oh yes, he does that to my husband too. But I just felt bad for the sitter. She’s not around enough for me to tell her all the rules and she felt terrible when he told her the truth after they ate them. How awful is he?!?

  3. I love it! So cute! I was totally stalking your blog for an update because I need some inspiration for a haircut this weekend after a year without one. Excellent point about the turtlenecks, which just happen to be my favorite form of attire.

  4. Love the hair! I admire kids when they test like that. Even more so when they are other people’s kids and I don’t have to deal with it. :) but I think it’s good character building, honestly.

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