Noon Year’s Eve

Ian and I already rang in the New Year and no, we aren’t in India.  We are just wild and crazy like that.  Rather than spending our evening squished among drunk tourists from Portugal, Kansas, or worst*, New Jersey and paying double not only for a sitter but for admittance to our favorite local bar, we went the cheap, er, practical route.  We called our sitter at 8:30 this morning.

Ian and I wandered downtown to Soho to one of our favorite brunch places – but only after purchasing the perfect baby gift for Kimye’s unborn reality television goldmine (it’s a lifetime supply of therapy if you were wondering).  We ate waffles and eggs as only the French can make them and rehashed 2012.  We shared our lessons learned and highlight moments.  We also laid out our visions for 2013.  Ian has hope of stability at work and being present with family at home.  I designated it a year of focus, rebuilding and pushing myself to the limits.

Next stop was MOMA – one of the only museums in the city I had never visited.  Modern art isn’t really my thing, but the museum had a deep effect on me.  It felt like I was in some kind of trance from the moment we stepped foot in the lobby.  Some of the art pieces took my breath away.  Others made me feel like I had been punched in the gut.  Some made me smile, others brought a tear to my eye.  Despite the museum being packed with people, it was a calm and quiet experience.  For a ninety minutes, my mind was clear of all sorts of chatter.

When you live in NYC, playing tourist every once in awhile is too fun to pass up.

This day perfectly represents what New Year’s Eve is all about for me.  Celebrating the old (a fave brunch place) and the new (MOMA).   Finding connection (talking with Ian, no electronics, no agenda, no pressure) and clarity (pseudo-meditation at MOMA).  A little reminiscing about the year gone by with a lot of hope for the one to come.

Since I realize most of you didn’t experience NYE at Noon (yes, I just decided this is our new tradition, Noon Year’s Eve), I hope you celebrate in a way that makes you both nostalgic and optimistic.  I smile imagining those of you who love New Year’s Eve getting your nails done, your hair blown out, and putting on that killer new outfit for a rocking time tonight.  Or those of you who hate the holiday enjoying a quiet night at home with Chinese food or pizza or whatever your favorite “special event” take-out is, with someone you love.  I will be on my couch with my notebook, my kids, and my husband – the perfect end to this perfect day.

9 thoughts on “Noon Year’s Eve

  1. It makes me giggle when people in a high-tourist place seldom see the local attractions (which means me, in DC, laughing at people who’ve never been to the Smithsonian.) But, I am in that group because there are plenty of museums I haven’t visited yet and I’ve lived here all my life. Day dates on NYE sound like just the right tradition to start.

    • I love DC but haven’t been back since I lived there briefly in my 20s. I imagine we will go there more as my kids get older. As for visiting the tourist attractions, I know what you mean. I’m a NYC lifer and I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty or the top of the Empire State Building (we did ride to the top of the twin towers often). There never seems to be a reason. The task lacks urgency. Someday maybe.

  2. Yay for Noon Years Eve :) I have not been out for that holiday in many years…I’m one of those at home with pizza or take out, toddler and husband on the couch. I love how you and Ian celebrated though, visiting an old favorite as well as your 90 minutes of mental peace – no chatter. Sounds like a perfect end of the year.

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