It’s Intentional

Every January since I discovered the practice of yoga, I’ve written my intentions for the upcoming year.  It’s not a “to-do” list or a “to-don’t” list and it contains nothing that will make me feel bad about myself.  I see it as an opportunity to articulate my priorities with a bit of specificity.

Last night I revisited my intentions for 2012 for the first time since I wrote them:

-Find a way to quit my job to devote more time with the kids = check.

-Blogging = I started here in this humble space less than a year ago and have since added legit paid freelance work on sites I love.  Rating: exceeded expectations.

-Yoga = while pregnant and nursing (2008-2012 continuously) I practiced yoga mostly to maintain my sanity.  Now I am ready to get back into conditioning – physical and spiritual – and it’s a little intimidating.  Rating: still a work in progress.

Don’t think I was slacking, I always keep my list to a manageable 3-5 items.  Under that short list was a note, “Be steady this year.  Keep up with the blogging, keep developing the writing.  This is a process year, don’t focus on results.  Just keep at it.  Re-evaluate in 2013.”  I have never officially declared myself a psychic, but if I did it would be based on that quote (and it’s verbatim).

Feeling good about my realistic, yet inspiring goals for 2012, I set out to make a list for 2013.  I started with another little note to myself: “this is a year to build, to keep forcing the edge of my comfort zone, making more space for the things that I love.”

With that gem in mind, here are my high hopes and big dreams for 2013 ranked from “oh that is SO happening” to “there’s a better chance of getting through an episode of the Bachelor without hearing ‘the right reasons’ (as in “so-and-so who happens to be so much cuter than me is definitely not here for the right reasons”).”

1. I will stop talking about the one short story that I wrote in some sort of trance months ago and write more of them.

2. My too-grown-up three year old son will remember he is still a child and resume calling us Mommy and Daddy after a brief phase where we are only “Mom” and “Dad” (it’s the saddest thing).

3. I will push my writing to its limits.  That means pitching more ideas to editors, attending a writing workshop, and completing projects that I start no matter how overwhelming they might feel (that last one is big for me).

4.  The word literally will be wiped from the American lexicon.  If you miss it that much, add “brillz” to fill the void left in your life (a word used regularly by friends Christie and Liz, two of my favorite people that don’t even know each other).

5. Jennifer Garner and I will find ourselves at the same farmer’s market in LA, my Gavin and her Seraphina will hit it off and we will become BFFs.

Also, if your dreams don’t scare Jennifer Garner, they are probably just the right amount of delusional.

This year I am aiming for the stars.

7 thoughts on “It’s Intentional

  1. Of course a short manageable list is totes Brillz. I love the pithy quotes you included. And I too share your intentions, except I want to be at the San Fran farmers market where Sadie will accidentally run over Gwen Stefani’s kids but we will eat fresh figs and laugh it off.

  2. Michelle Obama will magically be at the same park/store/street/shop/museum/hospital/liquor store I DON’T KNOW but she will see my girls who are so close in age to her girls and she will love them and me and my hair and my girls’ style and my blog and my accomplishments and my life and my house because she will come home with us to see it and I will serve her regular American cheese on a good ol’ Ritz and she will LOVE THE NORMALCY and yes, yes, my girls ARE available that date for a White House sleepover STOPLOOKINGATMELIKETHATCARINN.

    Yoga has saved me from myself on occasion and I thank it. I left it swingin’ in the breeze many a time this past year but no more. Sure, it’s January and we all give the “I’ma do this this this and this and this and that and All The Things” but this I mean. If I don’t take care of me, there are, apparently, plenty of doctors willing to ply me with pills that make me forget whether I took the pills. Here’s to yoga keeping the pushers, wait, doctors, away.

    • If I am looking at you like that it’s because I am wondering if I have time to write this down or if I should just remember it as you are spewing genius. Those are my fantasies too. At least you guys live in the same city. I hear she frequents Spike from Top Chef’s burger place with her girls – just start loitering.

      And you are a girl after my own heart about the drug pushers in white lab coats. Yoga is often the better medicine.

  3. I love your note to self – “This is a process year, don’t focus on results. Just keep at it.” In fact, I may borrow this for my 2013! Congrats on all you’ve accomplished in 2012! It happens sometimes when we don’t even realize it. Here’s to a great new year, pushing those limits and watching all good things unfold :)

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