I’m A Writing Schizophrenic

You wouldn’t know it by reading my blog, but I have multiple personalities.  My blogging, whether for Moonfrye or Mommyish or those places in between, all revolves around motherhood.  I share the highs, the lows, the small victories and the insecurities.  Taken all  together it really displays the whole picture of me as a mother.

My fiction writing is a whole different ballgame.  On one hand, I’m chic lit.  I imagine myself writing a story about modern life and the challenges we face in finding love and family and success.  The protagonist is a smart urban woman in the vein of books written by fellow former lawyers Emily Giffin or Aidan Donnelley Rawley.  Not only do I read those stories, I’ve lived them.  Between my failed relationships, my career achievements and flubs, and my rampant insecurities hidden behind my brash partying ways, I have enough material to write ten books.

On the other hand, I have spent hundreds of hours and written thousands of words on paranormal young adult stories.  As Mrs. Taylor, my HS Freshman English teacher, could attest, I have been obsessed with magic and demons and darkness since I was a teen.  They didn’t have a plethora of options in the YA department back then so I devoured Dean Koontz novels like my soul depended on it.  I stopped reading those books more than a decade ago, but now that I am writing more seriously, I once again find myself drawn to young girls navigating unusual and complicated worlds.

I hate to make yet another parallel between me and Jennifer Garner (that’s not true, I relish the opportunity no matter how far-fetched) but am I the real life 13 Going On 30?  Like I went to bed a 13-year-old and woke up the next day in a world where I was supposed to be an adult, the stories I tell are trapped between two very different worlds these ages represent.  How do I reconcile this?  Do I have to choose one or the other?

Do you have this problem?  When you aren’t writing about being a parent, what kinds of stories are you compelled to tell?  If you aren’t a writer, do you have interests that appear out of whack (like squash and bingo, or rifle-shooting and kitty collecting)?  Or am I the only one???

12 thoughts on “I’m A Writing Schizophrenic

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. My blog is all sass and brass and mother mother mother, but my book isn’t that funny. In fact, it’s really not funny at all. It’s gonna be weird if this gets off the ground to be such a joker on my blog and bust out with this dramatic book, with ethical, romantic, and philosophical questions about power,love,boundaries, the law, and who/how we love.

    And I have to know more about kitty collecting….

    • I understand what you are saying, but behind your humor so many of your posts deal with the ethical and philosophical questions you mention. It’s just another side of what we already get glimpse of on a daily basis and a little deeper into one particular aspect (that doesn’t involve your kids).

  2. My blog is mainly motherhood but I throw in some politics or current events here and there. My book and other things I write, though, are about a woman who may or may not be me but is certainly very much like me. Except she’s crazier than a cat in a catnip factory.

    And the multiple personalities. Are they only supposed to come out on the written page? Because, um…

    • It’s a fair question, I think it’s not quite the fit I need right now. I am looking for a scene that will provide more substantial feedback – almost like a virtual writing partner. I haven’t quite found it yet and been kicking around the idea of starting something along those lines. But if not maybe I’ll check out the speakeasy again soon!

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