Welcome To Our Crazy Life

Writing for Soleil Moon Frye’s blog delights me, not only because I was a fan of Punky Brewster, but because I am 100% behind anyone who calls their parenting book Happy Chaos.

Below is the first post I published on Moonfrye, giving a little background about how different my two children are and how zany we are as a family.

Welcome To Our Crazy Life

I spend most of my days with a three-year-old and a one-year-old so I know exactly what Soleil means when she named her parenting book Happy Chaos. Frankly, it describes my life perfectly.

My 3½ year old son started preschool this year but he was ready for his first lessons the minute his eyes could focus on the bright new world outside of the womb. He was born quiet, observant and lost in thought. Quickly we realized his mind was like a solar panel, absorbing everything around him – sounds, letters, words – and storing it all to be used later. He talks endlessly and has so many interesting questions. Seeing life filtered through his big brown eyes is nothing short of fascinating.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Crazy Life

  1. Yeah you – great post! And lovely observations of your children. We all need to stop and look at them this way. It’s the perfect way to fill our motherhood tanks.

  2. Happy Chaos – awesome term! Especially for the really bad or more difficult days, much better way to see things :) Love your post, so warm and loving and another great reminder that our little ones are always watching us……

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