If My Kids Were Pets…

I remark how different my two children are here often, but frankly, I never tire of finding new ways to contrast their differences.  Night and day, yin and yang, black and white.  Over on Moonfrye today, I add my latest metaphor:  my kids as cat and dog.

I have a few single friends who insist their pets are their children.  They get a lot of flack from mothers about that statement, but I am here to defend them.  Kids are just like pets.  And not just because you feed them daily, love them unconditionally, and dress them up to exploit them on Facebook.  I mean they act like your favorite four-legged friends.  Or at least my kids do.

Read more about my pets, er, kids here.  Any guess which one is the sweet cuddly dog and which one is the smart but standoffish cat?

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