Three Generations Under One Roof

Although I am a full-fledged mama’s girl, I have always thought my dad was an amazing person.  We have never had a “traditional” father/daughter relationship, but our connection is so deep and automatic, it sometimes feels like it began in another lifetime.  On Moonfrye today I am recounting a night where I saw my father and my son. two people I hardly consider in roles apart from me, sharing their own special bond.  And it totally made me cry.

In this moment I witness a different kind of love too: the one that my father gives to my son, his grandson.  It’s different from the love the same man offered me, his daughter.  More carefree perhaps.  My parents were barely in their 20’s when they had me.  Two years later my brother was born.  They had nothing “figured out” – nor did they have time to ponder life goals and parenting philosophies with a family to support.

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5 thoughts on “Three Generations Under One Roof

  1. Love love love! What a wonderful moment! I lost my Dad three years before my baby was born. I am so sad that those moments are lost for my son, but I know that my dad would have loved him so much.

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