Last Night I Was Celeb Couple Crushing

I adore the Garner-Afflecks.  Ok, I know no one actually goes by that name, though I am thinking about adopting it as my own now.  Because I just love Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.  Some moments I want to be Jen’s best friend, sometimes I want them to adopt me as their fourth kid, other times I manifest an intention* for our children to meet and one day marry (Sera would be a great fit for my Gavin or even her son Sam and my Chloe).

Since none of those has yet happened, I resort to soaking up everything about this couple that they offer me up by way of the satellite cable company that beams their images into my house.  Last night’s Oscar show was a smorgasbord of G-A goodness.   Continue reading

Nature vs. Nurture

I’ve written about it here before, but a year later I am still struggling with nature vs. nurture in two ways.  Mainly because I am starting to believe there is no such thing as nurture at all.  My kids were born with complete personalities all their own and I find it hard to imagine that I influenced them in any way other than providing my DNA.

Second, they were born with completely opposite natures.  Thanks, Mother Nature/Mother Hood for not throwing me a bone with two kids that are at least a tiny bit similar.  I’d like to be able to apply the hard lessons I work out on the first child, to the second child, but you had other plans for me it seems.

Of course, they are still young, just one and three-years-old (even if this is the last week I can say that).  So as they grow can I get my cautious son to be more bold?  And can I temper my fearless daughter with just a touch of mindful awareness?  If so, how?  Because everything I do just seems to reinforce the way they already approach the world.

I’m exploring the topic I call “Parenting Upstream” over at Moonfrye today.

The Worst Place To Lose Your Keys

You might think the worst place to lose your car keys would be down a drain, but then you would know they were gone in that instant, and you would move on to Plan B.

If you lost your car keys in a drain, you would not be looking frantically under your daughter’s butt because you just had them in your hand before you had to wrestle her into her seat.

And you wouldn’t have to then take her out of the seat you fought so hard to get her in, only to have her scream louder when you place her in the seat well in front of her brother while you stick your hand in every crevice of the Graco monster. Continue reading

My Crib Hating Tyrant Used To Be A Great Sleeper

I know some of you with younger babies aren’t going to want to hear this, but it’s true.  I had a baby who was a great sleeper, until she woke up one day and after two years decided that was it.  She has a crusade on her hands and it’s the fight against a good night’s sleep.  And I’m powerless.

Read more about our rediscovered sleep deprivation in my feature at Mommyish:

My Great Sleeper Is Suddenly A Crib Hating Tyrant

Has anyone been through this weird regression?  Nothing is out of the ordinary – no changes, no travel, no daylight savings, etc.  Will it pass?  My sanity needs to know.

I Love Daytime TV (especially when I’m on it)

During my twenties while I probably should have been in the library, I was parked in front of the TV soaking up daytime programming.  My best friend and I obsessed over the plot lines of General Hospital. I longed to co-host The View from the day the show premiered.  But it wasn’t until I stayed home with my first baby that my true love affair started.  Trapped on my couch nursing my colic baby every hour, I envisioned my own Oprah/Ellen/fun/spiritual mash-up where we danced in the aisles before greeting Eckhart Tolle.  So I don’t have a show of my own and I’m not even being interviewed for my expertise on anything, but I have made appearances (both speaking!) on daytime television.  Twice.

Continue reading