My Crib Hating Tyrant Used To Be A Great Sleeper

I know some of you with younger babies aren’t going to want to hear this, but it’s true.  I had a baby who was a great sleeper, until she woke up one day and after two years decided that was it.  She has a crusade on her hands and it’s the fight against a good night’s sleep.  And I’m powerless.

Read more about our rediscovered sleep deprivation in my feature at Mommyish:

My Great Sleeper Is Suddenly A Crib Hating Tyrant

Has anyone been through this weird regression?  Nothing is out of the ordinary – no changes, no travel, no daylight savings, etc.  Will it pass?  My sanity needs to know.

10 thoughts on “My Crib Hating Tyrant Used To Be A Great Sleeper

  1. NOTHING has been more painful as a parent than regression. Because it feels like, I did this right and then it’s snatched away and it requires mourning and keening and pain management.

  2. Oh no! We went through this a few months ago w B. Completely out of the blue he had trouble w naps, bedtime, middle of the night & even climbed out of his crib. We brought him to the dr & he did have some fluid in his ear, but I dont think that was all of ithe prob. After his ear cleared, we watched him on the monitor & talked to him through the door w/o going in & that seemed to work. Good luck!

  3. We aren’t in a regression stage, just the end of the nap stage. So, while you’re experiencing true sleep deprivation again, I’m just experiencing the loss of my weekend afternoons.

  4. Sleep regression is one of the 7 rings of hell in my opinion – lol! Just when you think things are settling down or you’re gaining some kind of normalcy at night. I keep hearing it will pass but my son has never slept well, never. Still, I do believe it gets better, the early years are just so full of changes and ups and downs. All we can do is hang out for the ride at times!

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