Last Night I Was Celeb Couple Crushing

I adore the Garner-Afflecks.  Ok, I know no one actually goes by that name, though I am thinking about adopting it as my own now.  Because I just love Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.  Some moments I want to be Jen’s best friend, sometimes I want them to adopt me as their fourth kid, other times I manifest an intention* for our children to meet and one day marry (Sera would be a great fit for my Gavin or even her son Sam and my Chloe).

Since none of those has yet happened, I resort to soaking up everything about this couple that they offer me up by way of the satellite cable company that beams their images into my house.  Last night’s Oscar show was a smorgasbord of G-A goodness.  

First, I teared up watching Jen chatting with teeny-tiny Kristin Chenoweth on the red carpet.  She proclaimed herself “a puddle” over the pride and joy she felt for her once Gigli-starring** husband-cum-awesome-director (even though The Town was so much better than Argo in every way, except, well, “the town” he focused on in Argo stroked the egos of Hollywood).  She couldn’t even talk about him for fear she would burst out in tears on national television.

Second, the dress.  I loved the color, loved the silhouette, and whatever ruffle-ness was going on in the back I thought was gorgeous.  I know she is a frumpy mom to most fashion conscious critics out there, but I love her style on and off the red carpet.  She can do no wrong in my book.

Her husband doesn’t have the perfect record of my mommy-crush Garner, but he really made up for it last night.  His acceptance speech was flawless.  He thanked all the industry people without boring me, he gushed about his wife with humor, and he accepted his second Academy Award – 15 years after the first – with humility.  He got to publicly acknowledge the journey he has been on since he was that very-talented-but-mostly-uber-lucky kid who co-wrote Good Will Hunting.  He put the image of his former punk kid self in his place by reminding him that grudges only hold you back while family and love keeps you grounded.  The way his voice quivered when he mentioned his three kids, sent me over the edge.  I was a crying mess.

I don’t know why I am so obsessed with a couple that, by Hollywood standards, seems rather uninteresting and unremarkable, but the fact is I am.  What about you?  What celeb couples do you want to hang with?

* I actually take manifesting intentions very seriously and I don’t really waste my energy on hoping my kids will marry her kids.  Though maybe I’ve thrown a penny in the fountain at The Grove that says “I heart you Sera, call 212-xxx-xxx.”  Maybe.

** true story, Ian and I dressed as Ben Affleck and the other Jen for Halloween in 2003.  Since Ian is tall, dark and handsome and I am Puerto Rican, I thought it was enough to pull it off.  It wasn’t.  For our “costumes” he wore a homemade Gigli T-shirt and a black leather jacket, while I donned a padded butt and a huge pink ring pop (remember her pink diamond?).  Our get-up went over as well as their relationship, which is to say a complete bust for everyone to see.  I always hate Halloween.

8 thoughts on “Last Night I Was Celeb Couple Crushing

  1. Yes! I am 100% obsessed with them. It used to be just her but now it’s him too because of last night’s speech. I won’t soon forgive that Hunger Games lady for not offering the least shred of inspiration. Would that kill her? BUt Ben? The humility, and the grace and joy of his speech. Now I am fully in love. Can you please say an intention for my kids to make it your inevitable playdate with the Garflecks? (I just made that up.)

    • You are making me cry with laughter. UGH the Hunger Games Lady (HGL) – what was wrong with her? She quotes stupid movies but can’t come up with a single decent thing to say for herself? I’m not sure I understood Anne Hathaway’s zinger but at least she tried (are there a lot of modern day Fontines or did I miss the point?). Carinn Garfleck. I love it – thank you for that gift.

  2. I don’t know what it is but I can’t get on board with Ben Affleck…I didn’t watch the awards or his speach but I did hear it was pretty awesome. My celeb couples are Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’connell and Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. I can clearly envision dinner parties with both couples, totally see my husband getting along great with Jerry and Kevin and girls nights out with Rebecca and Kyra – love it! They just all seem like really smart, funny, down to earth, solid couples and people. Plus, I think Kevin Bacon is just one of the coolest people on the planet :)

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