The Holidays Are Out Of Control

Last week when I read Kristin Howerton’s Can We Bring The Holidays Down A Notch? I laughed and cried.  I laughed because I didn’t have multiple school age children complaining to me about St. Patrick Day celebrations, but I cried because I know it’s coming.  As it is, I’ve already struggled with how to bring them down after insane birthday celebrations and the holiday festivities are creeping in right behind them as sugar-fueled, expectation-riddled greed-fests.

Sure, it starts with the real holidays like Easter.  But do we really need a mandated Easter Party at preschool (yes, my husband had to leave work for this one)? Especially annoying was the fact that it was held six days before Easter day, despite the fact that I was willing to bring my kid in during Spring Break so they could have a more appropriately timed party.  No takers on that one.  This meant my kids expected us to do up Holy Week in style.  They seemed less than enthralled with pizza on Friday (again) and dying brown eggs on Saturday (oops).  Next thing I know I’ll be crafting leprechaun traps for St.Patty’s, sewing patriotic pants for Flag Day, and baking elaborate cake pops for Sweetest Day.  Or at least someone might expect me to do those insane things.  I’m exhausted just making fun of it.

Easter Monday proved to be the best day of the Holy Week for me (and let’s be honest, it’s all about me) because I participated in a Huffington Post Live segment debating the need to bring all our children’s celebrations down a notch.  One particularly crafty mom put my best delusional fueled handiwork to shame.  I could see why she loves celebrating every holiday to the nines.  Another mom talked about the guilt of working moms presenting store-bought confections next to a Martha Stewart-esque pie.  I mostly talked about how lazy I am.  Oh, and how I feel pressure to be crafty when I’m just not.

“With all that time on your hands, that’s the best you could do?”

The other moms might not be saying that, but it’s what I hear.  In the end, all of us agreed that instilling gratitude in our children is just as important as making memories around those holidays we celebrate.  It was an especially fun discussion with some really great moms.

If the player above doesn’t work, here’s the link:

Sorry, There’s No Candy For That

Bonus: a little behind the scenes shot of my in-home studio.  It takes a lot of work to look this human.

All smoke and mirrors, and I barely look alive, right?

All smoke and mirrors and MacGyver set-ups.


13 thoughts on “The Holidays Are Out Of Control

  1. I love your view! How fantastic! I am so glad you were on that panel. I am so sick of hearing from the Pinterest mavens. For fuck’s sake, can we just enjoy time together without a bunch of other crapola?

  2. I feel like every week there is some reason to give my kid candy or a party and I’m sick of it. There’s a celebration for every little thig and it is frustrating. Kindergarten is better than preschool for us, but not by much. I like your take on all of this.

  3. I just want the candy to stop. I don’t mind cute bunny ears or dying shirts green or whatever else they do to celebrate whatever they want to celebrate but STOP GIVING MY KID CANDY. Period. If I have to hear him whine, then cry when I say no, for another damned lollipop, IT. IS. ON.

  4. I admit I’m an annoying crafter. I love doing it! I do not however agree with the candy candy candy crap that is given out all the time. I seriously feel like getting into a fist fight when my kid is eating a birthday cupcake and 10am. Ridiculous.

    • It’s really funny that you say that because my blood pressure goes through the roof when parents don’t bring milk or water with their cupcakes because the teachers give them juice. Really? I want to smack them in the head.

      I honestly envy crafters, I just don’t think it needs to be a competition on the holidays. I really enjoy crafts and me and the kids do them pretty regularly. I’m just not that good at them so you won’t see me showing them off at school!!

  5. love this C, I too laughed and cried when i read that blog post, and I dont even have kids to be disappointed in my lack of Leprechaun traps. keep fighting the good fight so we lesser mortals can ride on your proverbial coat tails. and buy store bought valentines.

  6. I am so with you on this one. Although I do love major holidays and birthdays, some of them have gotten totally out of control, especially where kids are concerned. Why do they have to be so much pressure? And everyone expects so much……I cannot craft anything to save my life – lol! I wish I could but figure I must have other talents to make up for it :) Being happy and thankful, having a little fun and something sweet is good enough for me! Great post!

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