Where To Start…

I have so much to tell you about, I’m really not sure where to start.  How about chronological order?

On Friday two of my favorite women, Christie of Outlaw Mama and Arnebya of What Now And Why acquiesced to my badgering and joined me in a Huffington Post Live conversation about the bizarre overpowering phenomenon to crave more babies (they were pretty darn vocal in my comments and on their own blogs so I dragged them in with me).  I’ve pasted the player for the segment at the end of the post, if you want to check us out.

On Saturday my family attended our first with-kids wedding.  It was beautiful, it was perfect, and it was so much fun.

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And while you have that image of that adorable little girl in your mind, I wrote a post on Moonfrye thinking about the days Gavin and I braved the new world of mother-son life in the city in Before You Were Born.  I’ll warn you I can’t read it without crying, but that might just be me.  And my period.

I’ve also got a new regular gig.  Every weekday morning I will be covering a news article for Mommyish.  Expect to see me get my opinions about work-life balance into as many as I can – like this morning’s essay contemplating the benefits and drawbacks of a new egg freezing technique (that sounded a lot more serious than it is).  Please email or tweet me with any articles you find in the news that you would like to see addressed.  I won’t post my links here daily, but I will post them on the WTTM Facebook page.  So please check out Mommyish every morning to see what I’m ranting about now!

I left one thing out, because who likes to start with the bad news?  Last week I finished a first draft of my novel.  Oh yay – that’s great, I know!  The problem?  It is SO bad I don’t even know how to revive it in a rewrite.  I don’t tend to exaggerate (well, on some things) and am historically a pretty fair judge of my finished products, so when I tell you it was unreadable after the first 50 pages, I mean it was unreadable.  The characters were so flat, the ideas as stale as Saturday’s bagels, and the conflict as fierce as two kittens wrestling.  Blah.  I’m letting it sit for a while, but I’m calling 50/50 odds that I just scrap the thing and start anew.  My days as an aspiring novelist are not over – if no one else cares, I promise myself that – but it might just not be this idea that I want to pour any more time and effort into.  We shall see.

Last thing I need to tell you (are you sick of me or what?) – Sunday night TV is BACK ON PEOPLE!  Thank god for the DVR, Ian and I had to compromise – Game of Thrones on Sunday nights, Mad Men on Monday nights.  So please, NO spoilers for those of you who will have 24-hour advance knowledge of Don and Peggy and Joan and all their drama.  I can’t freaking wait to watch!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Where To Start…

  1. Glad you’ve got regular gigs for me to read and get my dose! Your little gitl’s charm is off the chain. I’m feeling you on the novel issue. Its weird how much I can loathe it and want to love it so so much.

  2. Congrats on all your great news! You are unstoppable and inspiring! I hear you on the novel – I’m only a few scenes in to mine and I’m already hating on it. I like that you’re putting yours to rest for a while and can come back to it with fresh eyes and newfound love.

    • You know I hated it while I was writing but I just kept thinking “first drafts are meant to be awful.” I just thought my awful would have been slightly better. Yes – I’m looking for fresh eyes and newfound love/motivation. Good for you – I honestly think starting is the hardest part.

  3. Don’t give up on your novel – breather is fine. But don’t give up. I can not wait to one day read it on my kindle!!

  4. I’m so glad I found your website! The article on Mommyish was really great. I think you have a solid point with their quest for life-balance. Also, I just generally believe there’s always more to every story…Including your novel – please keep on keeping on – we need your words.

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