How To Survive A Job You Hate

The movie Office Space is a classic for good reason: We’ve all had a job we hated so much we wanted to take the printer out to an open field and smash it with a baseball bat.

Sometimes you’re stuck because you’re waiting for your end-of-year bonus, need health insurance, or simply want your vacation days for an upcoming trip. Even if you’re in the right place, we all go through periods of disenchantment.

In the meantime, here are some dos and don’ts of surviving the daily misery of a job that sucks.

Stay Engaged

DO: Evaluate what’s not working. It’s not productive to rant about how much you detest your job without isolating the aspects that really ruffle your feathers. Is the work not challenging enough? Pitch yourself for a promotion or look for a job with more responsibility. Do the people get under your skin? A lateral move might be all you need. Do you long to work with kids, or animals, or spend your time outdoors? Research what it would take to pursue a change of career. Every problem has a different solution. To find the answer for you, identify the source of your strain with as much clarity as possible.

DON’T: Become indifferent. This is a recipe for sleepwalking through the next decade of your life.

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