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Carinn Jade is a lawyer, mother, writer and non-sleeper. Dishing TMI in an effort to avoid the novel I’m wrestling into submission.

Writing Around The Web

Published in the NY Times Motherlode:  I Want More Children; He Doesn’t

Personal blog post earned the distinction of “Freshly Pressed” by This is an honor granted to nineteen essays out of over one million posts published per day: The Games We Play

Debate on Brain, Child: Baking The Perfect Cupcakes

Syndicated at iVillage: having a new motherhood identity crisis.

DailyWorth: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Working Mom

Mommyish features:

7 Non-Negotiable Truths In The Working Mom Vs. SAHM Wars

When Will I Find My Comfort Zone As A Mother?

I Was Pro-Life Until I Got Pregnant

-My feature on Mommyish – Winning, Penises & Girlfriends – What My Son Is Picking Up From Preschool (Not Charlie Sheen) inspired an entire segment on Huffington Post Live.  I was honored to participate in the intelligent, respectful, spirited debate of my piece.

Moonfrye features:

Welcome To Our Crazy Life

Three Generations Of Love


The HerStories Project: Women Explore the Joy, Pain, and Power of Female Friendship

-Four of my essays were included in Holly Daze: Underachiever Extraordinaire and No Laughing Allowed, two blogging compilations by Life Well Blogged.  Each can be found on Amazon in paperback and Kindle**

No Laughing Allowed


You can also watch me in this sampling of Huffington Post Live segments:

Banned Words: are there words you don’t want your preschoolers to know?

Nice Gun Kid: should toy guns be part of Halloween costumes?

Happy (half) Hour: a recap of the week’s biggest news stories.

Debate: Should We Take The Holidays Down a Notch?

Want to know more?

I was a Poly Sci and Communications double major at Boston College.

I was a real estate finance lawyer in New York City and Los Angeles.

I was a yoga teacher at a prestigious yoga studio.

I was a small business owner failure.

I was Vice President at a high yield debt fund.

I traded in six figures for sticky fingers, dirty diapers and lots of crying.  Clearly I prefer to get paid nothing for doing everything.  That’s when the writing began – as a way to maintain my sanity.

4 thoughts on “New here?

  1. Great blog! Makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one… Do you ever think about going back to work? I’m at a moment of crisis right now: don’t know what the hell to do with my life.

    • I know, I found your bar exam post. Hope I didn’t get you down because I truly feel your pain (the bar and the searching – that is why I started this blog). There is no easy answer, that much I know for sure. But if you find the answer, promise to message me straightaway!!!

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