It’s all about the people.

Earlier this week I wrote about my inspirational takeaway from BlogHer’12.  With all that touchy-feely stuff out of the way, it’s time to dish the dirt.

1.  I met some amazing people.  The first face I saw when walking into the Hilton Grand Ballroom was Kim from Mama By The Bay.  Beautiful, friendly and smiling, she was a sight for sore eyes and a perfect way to start off the weekend.  Then I scored a personal invite to the suite of Outlaw Mama and Moments of Exhilaration, where I stayed until my family begged me to come home.  Maybe it’s our legal backgrounds (doubtful), our complicated relationships or just general awesomeness (that’s probably it), but these ladies instantly felt like friends I’ve had for decades.

Other highlights:  after talking to Michelle for five minutes, the recognition clicked and she exclaimed, “oh, you’re YOU!”; karaoke with Laurel — even though there was no actual karaoke, we thought the dance floor was a perfectly appropriate place to belt out our favorite songs; having the balls to walk up and have a conversation with each one of the delightful Mouthy Housewives (my humor heroes).

2.  I also met a lot of ‘lifestyle’ bloggers. Does anyone know: what the h*ll is a lifestyle blog?  It’s probably best I remain in the dark since I have no life and no style.

3.  There were a lot of people I didn’t have the opportunity to meet.  A conference of over 4,000 (mostly) women bloggers can be overwhelming and it’s hard to balance the panels, the speakers and social time.

The swag was underwhelming, the food starchy (I ate a bagel/roll for every meal) and the parties exhausting (or maybe it was the 18 hour conference days), but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Tired of my vituperation? (I had to look it up too)  I’m over at Skinny Mom handing out practical advice on how to get your kids to sleep (something with which I have a lot of heartache experience).  It’s the first of my weekly contributions as Taskmaster Mom.   Check me out every Wednesday!

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Nevermind that noise, it’s just my ovaries whining.

Ladies (and the three men that are obligated to read this by marriage or blood) — listen up!  I am in desperate need of your help.   You see, it’s May!

[you nod in confused agreement].

What’s so special about May?  You mean, you don’t know??

May is THE month I get pregnant.  Every other year.

Let’s recap:

May 2008 – after nearly a year of trying, May was the magic month.  That year I shocked the hell out of surprised my husband on Father’s Day by making him breakfast and breaking the news (no, I’m not sure which shocked him more).

May 2010 – armed with the confusion that it took nearly a year to conceive our first, we decided to let nature take its course when I stopped nursing just a few short weeks before.   And a few short weeks later my 15 month old had the positive pregnancy test in his mouth (I was too shocked to grab it away after it dropped from my stunned hand).

So here we are, May 2012.  The kids are sleeping wonderfully (finally).  Ian and I are going on a Caribbean vacation.  Alone (as in no kids).   And I just held the 7 day old baby of one of my best friends (I loved every second of it).  My uterus is feeling kinda lonely…

Come and play with me, I'm a harmless plush uterus!

WAIT, WAIT.  This is craziness!  We cannot have any more children!  Why? you ask.  Well for starters:

1.  I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum.  Which might just sound like the worst morning sickness ever, but in reality it involves vomiting that scares small children, hospital stays, IVs, threat of miscarriage and generally complete incapacitation.

2.  We live in NYC and are not in the 1%.  Which means the third child will have to sleep in the sink until it’s old enough to move out.

3.  I love sleep.

4.  I need sleep.

5. I finally get to sleep.

This isn't me, but I am sure I look that adorable when I'm rested

What’s that?  Those aren’t good enough reasons?  The joys of motherhood far outweigh these minor details?

Ok, well here are my top five reasons that we should have another child (ranked in order from the most important to the most shallow):

1.  Boobs.

2.  The first time I delivered I almost died, the second time I delivered was the most life-affirming moment I could imagine and now I’m curious what a third February due date would hold.

3.  No periods for another two years.

4.  Because I’m obsessed with baby names.

5.  We have one kid that is my mini-me and another that is my husband’s clone.  What would the in between mix look like?

As you can see, I’m not fit to be a parent to the two I already have, so we can all agree a third is out.  Right?

[please say RIGHT loud enough for my ovaries to hear you]

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We get by with a little help from our friends

I have friends who have tackled some major obstacles in life — death of loved ones, divorce, depression, financial troubles.

Friends, dear friends, have battled cancer.

I have always felt helpless during these times.  I kept them in my thoughts and my heart always — whether or not I was able to communicate it to them — but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough.

Thankfully, I have strong and capable friends.  Optimistic, positive, motivated, proud, brave, loved.  They believe they can overcome these obstacles.  Giving up the fight is just not an option.  I am proud to call these people my friends.

I have another friend struggling with a disease called Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that attacks the lungs, pancreas and digestive system.

She swallows 40+ pills a day just so she can eat and grow.

She spends hours each day hooked up to a machine to clear her airways just so she can breathe.

She is seven years old.

And she can’t do it alone.  Here are two things you can do right now, sitting at your computer:

1.  Take just three minutes to watch this inspiring video of Cammy being a funny young girl, a caring older sister, and a daughter that anyone would be proud to have as their own.

2.  If Cammy’s story moves you, please consider donating to her walk “Cure for Cammy

The link above will bring you directly to the page.  No searching, no registering.  It will take you the same amount of time it takes to check out with your virtual shopping cart from Rue La La.

Bonus:  For every contribution made through this site, EVEN JUST A DOLLAR, I will personally donate an additional $10.  Please write “WTTM” (for Welcome to the Motherhood) in the comments to be sure you are included in my final tally.

And then the next time you see your kids struggle – to find the words they want, to put their shoes on, to make friends – give them a huge hug.  The determination of a child is nothing short of inspirational, and they deserve all the support we can give.