Taking Flight

“I’ll go.”

I’ll leave.  It’s what I do.

I am often praised for my ability to recognize when a situation is no longer working and having the so-called strength to leave.

“Better to cut your losses,” they say.

I left a small town where many were content.

I left a fiance.

I left the first law firm that hired me.

I left the state of New York, where all my friends and family resided.

I left the law firm that took a chance on a NY lawyer and helped me study for the California Bar Exam.

I left the practice of law altogether.

Sometimes, leaving is the right thing to do.

For me, it’s just a reflex.

Only once in my life was it glaringly obvious that I shouldn’t leave.

Not that I didn’t try.  I had papers ready to be filed.  I had cried to my parents.  I had shared with my friends.  Because, too insecure to decide on my own, I always test the waters before jumping ship.  Like every other time, it appeared no one would hate me if I did it.  Except my future ex-husband I suppose.

I couldn’t leave.  Not this time.  My typical ‘fight or flight’ response was stalled.  This time I had to fight for my marriage.  This time I had to say goodbye to my flight urge.

That was five years ago.  Since then we’ve shared so much love, life, growth and acceptance.  There has been adventure and comedy; forgiveness and compromise.  We’ve shared dreams.  We’ve watched them come true.  We’ve cried when they didn’t.

Strength isn’t leaving.  Strength isn’t staying.  It’s not an action at all.

Strength is knowing.  Strength is facing yourself head on.  Strength is daring to act consciously.

“I want to stay,” I begged.

Alone, I could have flown; but together we soar.

It’s been a beautiful journey.

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Joan and Peggy: Mad Men women under fire

It’s no secret I am riveted by every episode of this season’s Mad Men.  This week’s episode displayed some bold moves by the women of the cast (*spoiler alert*).


Joan essentially agreed to have sex in exchange for partnership in the agency.


Peggy is not only leaving the agency but elected to join Draper’s competition.

How far apart are these woman on the moral spectrum?   Which one did the right thing?  Who did the wrong thing?  Which one should be championed?

Before you answer, I offer some varied perspectives:

Joan: money was more important than her self-respect.


Peggy:  no amount of money could compensate for the ego beating she endured at Don’s hand.

Or?: they both had an agenda and they followed through to get what want.

Joan: was desperate.  She has a baby to think about and no husband to support them.


Peggy: was in control.  She was fed up with the way she was being treated and schemed to leave.

Or?:  they were both pawns – Joan to Lane and Peggy to Don’s nemesis – and didn’t even make choices for themselves.

Joan: Don begged her not to take the money and sell out.


Peggy: Don begged her to take the money and sell out.

Or?: it wasn’t about the woman’s self-worth or the “right” choice, it was about getting them to do what Don wanted them to do.  In the end, both women defied or disappointed him.

Joan:  did what was best for her family.


Peggy: did what was best for her career.

Or?: both were motivated by revenge.

Some may see these situations as simple to dissect.  But me?  I say the women of Mad Men are deeper and more complex than snap judgment.

Do you watch Mad Men?  What did you think of Joan and Peggy actions?

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Lost in Paradise

Hello there!  Oh how I’ve missed you my blogging friends!  I can say that with 100% sincerity, even though this was my view while I was gone.

The view from our free super-duper upgrade room - huge perk of the mid-week vacay

That’s right, Ian and I spent three nights in Puerto Rico — our first vacation alone since we had kids.  It was nothing short of amazing.  We slept soundly (though I couldn’t stay in bed more than 7 hours, wth?!?), we took naps on the beach and I enjoyed more reading, writing and yoga than I could have ever imagined.

There was also a lot of this:

Behold the ice cold bucket of beer

which quickly turned into this:

Empty discarded cans littered our beach chairs. Yes, that's Ian in the background passed out


Yes, I'm having another beer. Judge away.

It was a much needed escape for both of us and was an amazing experience for Ian and I to reconnect as a couple — more than just our stolen moments here and there.

We were our old silly and goofy and carefree selves

We had absolutely no internet access and it was remarkably easy to ditch the smartphones.   Neither of us had any social media withdrawal, but I did suffer from serious baby withdrawal.  In the end it was one day too long for me, I missed the kiddos more than I could have imagined.

Thankfully my parents kept us updated -- nothing changed while we were gone.

My arms, my ears and my heart longed for my babies

I’m thrilled to be home and spending quality time with the kids today.  I just have one question…

When is nap time again??

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What day is it? Tuesday?

It’s Valentines Day!

An array of Valentine's Day-connotated candy d...

While I loathe the holiday (but for the candy of course), I thought I would celebrate the day with two things I love — lists and my husband.

Did you think I was going to say my two kids?  Oh yeah, them too.

Why I adore my Valentine:

1.  He is an above average dancer.

2.  The “Jagger” incident (and all those before and after).

3.  For our very first Valentines Day he bought me a dress.  No candy, no jewelry — a dress.  And not a Pretty Woman dress, something I could wear and love and it was even the right size.  How thoughtful is that?

4.  We travel the world together.

5.  My daughter’s blue eyes.

 But the most important reason I love Ian (drumroll please!)

 He chose me and I chose him.  It’s as simple, difficult, rewarding and challenging as that.

that day, this day and every day...